Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to be the best leader you can become?

Are you an emerging leader, on the edge of a new beginning?
Or an existing leader ready for the next level?

As a leader, you’ve already accomplished so much. You may desire more meaning in both your work and personal life or you may be striving to reach a more challenging position with greater responsibility.

You know how important it is to keep improving your skills. My leadership coaching can help you master new behaviors and actions so you may achieve more than you ever imagined. I will challenge the assumptions and stories you’ve told yourself so you may explore, test, and design the steps you need to reach your desired goals and aspirations.

As you move up the ladder, there are times when you don’t know what you don’t know. You will face challenges that may feel insurmountable. I’ve worked with leaders at all levels of organizations to help them learn how to be conscious, intentional, and effective leaders.

Are you ready to uncover your authentic self?

Do you know what you are passionate about?
Do you know what your purpose in life is?
Do you know what your unique natural strengths and values are?

At times, we feel stuck and start to go through the motions of life, yet we are truly not experiencing it.  We lack the energy and inspiration to set, let alone work on, our goals and aspirations.

I can help you to discover your inner lion by gaining clarity about both the present and the future so that you can design the goals and steps needed to recapture a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Do you need to know how to lead people and use their emotions intelligently?

All too often we are promoted to a leadership position without the development of how to effectively lead others. Leadership training doesn’t lead to building leadership behaviors. Leadership development through use of experiential learning provides the greatest rate of success for transforming people into highly functional leaders. Emerging leaders must be provided the opportunity to practice new learning and tools in a safe environment so they may build leadership competence.

Leadership Academy is a 12 month customizable leadership experience, leveraging best-in-class experiential learning content based on leadership best-practices research. Rather than taking a one-size-fits all approach, Leadership Academy is a flexible modular program that is easily customized to the unique needs of the client’s organization.

If you are interested in developing current and/or rising leaders or finding out more about how leadership development can transfrom your organization,  contact me to schedule and appointment.


Are you in in need of divergent thinking and action?

My consulting specialties include employee development, change management, coaching skills, communication, orgainzation, culture, and process efficiencies. I’m an external expert who can objectively review current practices and processes for small organizations, non-profits, and individuals. I have a professional background and training in the area of sales, customer service, communication, and a recent degree in business administration with an emphasis on management and leadership.

I’m not in the business of solving problems. I believe it is my role to provide clients with detailed information and options based on industry, management, and leadership successful and best practices.

As a certified coach, I use a coach’s lens to help facilitate the learning that is needed to gain consensus and commitment with individuals and teams around desired solutions and actions so that both are left with a toolbox to resolve similar problems in the future.

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