"I’ve been fortunate to work with a few great leaders in the past, but the impact that Christine has had on my career is beyond what I could have ever expected. Christine has taken the time to get to know who I am at the core of my being and has tailored her coaching and expertise to fit my needs in the best way possible. She has helped me discover strengths that I didn’t realize I even had, but more importantly, has helped me develop those strengths even further. Her wealth of knowledge is incredible and I’m extremely grateful to have her by my side!"

Holly B. - Morro Bay, CA

“I have been so fortunate to work with Christine for the last year; she is a highly talented coach who really cares about her clients. Before I began working with Christine I was plagued with self-doubt and resignation in my personal and professional life and could not see a way to break out of the slump and move forward. I'm so glad I found her when I did.

Christine has an amazing intuition and perceptiveness; even when I wasn't able to articulate things she could understand what I desired and who I really am. Through her supportive listening, thought exercises, and goal-setting, she helped me to develop a self-awareness that I can use to shift to a more empowering and compassionate attitude. I also benefited from her perspective and insights that come from her decades of experience as a leader. She has been a great champion of me and helped me cultivate the tools to get unstuck and finally land the job I was looking for. I am grateful to her that I now have these tools for the rest of my life! I would highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to take on creating meaningful change.”

Kimberly B. - Los Angeles, CA

“Christine is an excellent coach! I felt enveloped in the safe and caring space she created during our calls, free to share my most vulnerable hopes as well as the ways I was keeping myself stuck. Her wisdom, insight, and discerning questions helped me access my own inner wisdom and took me out of confusion and into clarity. She gave me permission in the areas I was hard on myself and accountability in the areas in which I wasn’t living up to what I said I most wanted. I looked forward to my appointments with her, treasured her laser-focused attention and the insights, strength, and resolve that came out of each session, and as a result of her coaching, was able to move forward in growing my business and making permanent improvements in my habits and in my life, that continue to serve me and always will. I am grateful to Christine and the impact her coaching made on me and my life.”

Michelle M. - Santa Cruz, CA

"It has been my immense pleasure to have worked with Christine, as my coach, these past several months. Her expert guidance has led me to acknowledge parts of my life, both professionally and personally, that I otherwise would not have had the courage to approach.

It has been an amazing revelation and experience that I will carry with me. I am grateful for her disconcerting ability to "get" immediately what was going on, her patience and the many tools that she offered me to expanded my boundaries."

Patti P. - Elmira, NY

“I am grateful the universe connected me with Christine. The insightful way that Christine has helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life has been an amazing and unexpected gift. Christine has a style I would describe similar to a velvet boot…she knew when to kick me in the butt with her challenging inquiries (just enough to help move me forward) at the same time, took great care to be right beside me as I worked to close the gaps between my potential and my perceived blocks. I am grateful and I have grown as a result of our time together.”

Pati H. - Seattle WA

“Over the last few months I have had the privilege to work with Christine through coaching. Coaching was recommended to me as I had recently taken on a new leadership position at work. Having no previous training; working with Christine gave me tools that changed my thought process in making good management decisions. Early on in my role, I came across some challenges and Christine listened and asked questions that made me step back and reassess different situations. One of the greatest tools I have learned is to step back and see the whole picture, put myself in others’ positions and not jump to assumptions. I would gladly recommend Christine to others who are looking to grow as an individual or in a leadership type position.”

Trisha G. - DeForest, WI

“I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my time working with Christine. She offered a warm and knowledgeable space to discuss, learn, and grow. I appreciated her kind, but firm accountability and willingness to ask deep questions and share her resources. She not only helped me better define my goals both personally and professionally, but also helped me learn how to realize them and break through old pesky habits that were no longer serving me well.”

Molly R. - Austin TX

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Chris! She is very insightful and I appreciate how she took the time to really listen and ask those tough questions that made me stop and think about what I really want out of life and what’s keeping me from where I need to be. She offered suggestions for growth in a very caring, non-judgmental way that helped me see past my own obstacles and helped me develop a plan for continued success. With Chris’ coaching, I learned so much about myself and she showed me that, with the right tools and the right attitude, anything’s possible!”

Trisha R. - Nipomo, CA

“Christine supported my preparation for a second interview. She was extremely responsive as the interval I had before the interview was short. She showed me some blind spots in my responses and helped me enhance myself narrative. She even took the time to send an email afterwards to see how it went which was totally out of scope. The experience in its totality was great and definitely gave me some self-confidence I wouldn't have had otherwise. I Highly recommend her!”

Carl V. -  Mckinney, TX

“I found Christine when I was feeling very lost about my future and frustrated with a daunting job search. I immediately connected with her coaching style when she put into simple words what I was experiencing; she vowed to help remove the fog in front of me so that I could see my future. Having worked in a very niche area of a company for several years, I was struggling to articulate my skill set and determine what I wanted to do next. Christine helped me identify my strengths and feel confident when speaking about myself. She coached me to land a job I am passionate about and eager to grow in. Thanks again Christine!”

Liz W. - Seattle, WA