Rethinking Thinking Using the Ladder of Inference

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In today’s fast-moving world, you are under pressure to act swiftly, rather than spend time understanding the facts and reasoning things through. Not only can this lead to incorrect conclusions, it can also cause conflict with others who may have drawn different conclusions. You can’t live your life without adding meaning or drawing conclusions but […]

Stop the Cycle of Mental Self Abuse by Adopting a Practice of Self Compassion

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One of the downfalls of living in a society which stresses the ethic of independence and individual achievement is that if we don’t reach our ideal goals, we feel we need to beat ourselves senseless.  We believe this strong and relentless  self-criticism will make us a stronger, better, and more resilient person……right? So what really happens when we enter down […]

How to Foster the Practice of Gratitude

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During the American Thanksgiving holiday, many bloggers and reporters share their thoughts on the importance of gratitude.  I find this encouraging, because the power of gratitude is reviewed with a larger population, and slightly frustrating because most posts and online articles review only saying thanks or the meaning behind this holiday. In May, I wrote […]